How do I make sure my store is the safest it can be during a pandemic?

During this pandemic many businesses have been face with hard questions. One of those being How do I make sure my employees and my customers are safe? There are multiple elements which can be looked at in regards to safety during this time. One of those being Air quality, another being temperature control of everyone working/shopping in your store, and another very important one is crowd control. All these elements is where Coseco has focused its solutions.

In regards to Air quality it is important that in big and small space alike it is taken into account. The Co2 levels of your space and things such as the Humidity levels, temperature levels and much more. Bad air quality can cause the following: A lack of concentration, lethargy, headaches and drowsiness. Bad air quality can be a big factor in what is effecting you or your employees work ethic. Here is where an Air quality monitor comes in. Coseco’s air quality monitor gives exact readings of the HCHO, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity and the Co2 Present in any room you put it in. The Co2 Monitor also comes with an easy to read meter indicating wether your statistics are Good, Slight, moderate or serious. Read more about this particular product here.

Another element that needs to be Monitored is crowd control! In both big and small spaces the amount of visitors someone can have differs greatly from before the pandemic hit. It is an element that needs a lot of focus in stores especially. At the moment solutions have been to either employ someone to keep track of how many people are going in and out of the store or to use shopping carts to keep track of how many people are able to go into the store. Both of these solutions (although they work) Are hard to monitor, expensive and are susceptible to unpredictable weather. Coseco has presented a solution to this problem called ‘The Bouncer’.  The Bouncer is a pole that uses lidar sensors and traffic lights to inform guests when they need to wait before entering a store due to the amount of people inside. Using traffic lights the bouncer signals ‘enter’ With a green light and ‘Full capacity’ with a read light, making it clear to visitors they must wait before entering the premisses. The Bouncer is an inexpensive and easy solution for any company looking to make sure their business is safe from over crowding. Read more about this product here.

Last but certainly not least is Temperature control. Making sure all of your employees are as healthy as possible as to make sure neither your workforce or customers are at risk. Using Coseco’s Hygiene coach a company can easily keep track of the temperatures of your employees (or even your customers). The Hygiene coach comes with a temperature detection program that can indicate if it is safe for the person who has been measured to enter the work space. The Hygiene coach can also detect if this person is wearing their mask in the correct way. Read more about the hygiene coach here

In conclusion, there are many elements that shop owners must be aware of during this pandemic and our transition back to normal life. Coseco has a couple of products that we hope will make this easier. If you have any inquiries you are welcome to use our chat service on our webshop or call/email the details available on the homepage of our website.