Introducing… ‘The Bouncer’!

As the virus continues to plague, new rules continue to be made. Although the vaccine is coming the regulations and rules continue to be something that need to be adhered to, by the public and businesses alike.

One of these rules is that businesses must take into account the amount of customers they are letting in at any given time. Coseco is therefore, extremely proud to announce a new product: ‘The Bouncer’.  ‘The Bouncer’ was made with the intention of making sure businesses can adhere to the regulations the government has set in place.

In order to solve this issue stores had come up with a multitude of timely and costly solutions. The main one being the usage of an employee to help count the amount of customers entering the store. Something that (especially with Dutch weather) isn’t optimal.

This is where ‘The Bouncer’ comes in to help save time, effort and costs. The all in one device uses Light Radar sensors (similar to those present in a Tesla) to count how many customers are entering a store at any given time. The basic model is equipped with a red and green light: The green light stays on until the maximum capacity (set by each business) is reached. Once this is the case the light will switch to red making it clear to the next costumer that they must wait until the light is green again.

‘The Bouncer’ can also be fitted with a multitude of other accessories made By Coseco, turning it into the ultimate gatekeeper. For example, hand sanitisers/soap dispensers or a Hygiene coach which detects the costumers/employees temperature and can detect if this person is also wearing their mask correctly. All in all, ‘The Bouncer’ is a great product for any business wanting to adhere to the regulations set in place to help us get back to normal life.