How can we adapt to the corona regulations with new solutions?

With the new vaccine ever looming, the hope of our world getting back to normal is ever present. With this people have a heightened sense of purpose meaning that the public is ready to hear the rules that the government has prescribed. During the press conference done by the Dutch government on the 8th of December 2020, Prime minster Mark Rutte set up what the next month would look like.

A summary: A continued partial lock down

The mention of a continued partial lock down, extra help for those working the frontlines and more focus on those who are feeling loneliness was not the news we were hoping for; Nevertheless the partial lockdown will stay and those who need extra help will receive it. This means the following rules are still in place:

  • A visitation allowance of max 3 people a day.
  • Anyone of the age of 13 and above must use a mask in any public areas
  • All restaurants and food businesses are to continue being closed until further notice.
  • All sports teams must try and take into account the 1,5 meter distancing rule and can sport either by themselves or in a team of no more than four people.

Rules such as the amount of people able to enter businesses and venues will also stay the same. Open businesses are only allowed to receive a limited amount of customers at any given time. These businesses include Supermarkets, cinemas, venues and sports facilities.

The outbreak of this virus has caused for everyone to have to adapt their lives to the situation. From working at home to wearing new attire; it has changed life in many ways. However, it has also opened the doors to innovation. Innovation of how to deal with these issues in a 21st century way. For example, machines being able to detect the placing of the mask on a customers face and if this adheres to the rules set by the government. Alternatively Machines that use infrared-technology for temperature detection, allowing employers to create safer office working environment. A people counter helping stores get an overview of the amount of people entering and exciting their store without having to hire/ use another employee to manually do this process for them. Businesses have come out to take this opportunity to help those who need to deal with this virus in an innovative and efficient way in the hopes that we can all one day lead normal lives again.

How can we comply with these rules?

Coseco being one such business; recently saw an opportunity for a new product that helps business adhere to all these rules and also gives the customer the option to decide on their own terms if they believe it is safe to go in. With a device that can check your employees/customers temperature, counts the number of people in the business at any given time, can check the positioning of the masks of those wearing them and even checks the air quality of your business at any given time giving Both seller and consumer an overview of the business adhering to the regulations. Check out these products on for more information.