About us

Coseco’s mission is to improve the lives of operators, and commuters by providing a series of simple products that solve real problems.

Software that can be extended to match your processes and needs.


Coseco develops technological solutions to public transport providers. Our key focus is on providing accurate and easy-to-use payment systems, secure access control and ticketing. We also provide an automated passenger information system that helps customers easily process their journey through the different stages of the trip.

We specialise in working with economies where fares are low and margins are thin, this by developing and delivering services and solutions that are innovative, effective and pride our clients in achieving their business goals.

We make products that are tailored to fit your current transport infrastructures. By using our customers input, we work to provide the best products for their needs.

Our mission

Coseco is an international company that focuses on smart mobility focusing mainly on public transport in Asia. The company was founded in Asia before moving to the Netherlands, where they continue to innovate and expand their services.

We are a team of passionate engineers and entrepreneurs that have a mission to create effective and easy to use transport technology. Our aim is to make the travel experience safer, easier to use, and reliable for all parties involved.

Our mission is to improve public transport in countries with emerging economies by making it safer and more comfortable.

About our production processes

The best hardware is built by the people who know it best. That’s why we partner with our friends in hardware development and manufacturing to create high quality solutions that help us deliver on our mission to benifit the community.

Coseco is an social impact service provider of mobility solutions for emerging economies, all solutions designed to make a difference, so commuters can ride the bus safe, transport service providers will get their fair share of the fees payments and governments can be provide better services to the public.

We have developed a range of products that allow customers to do more with their public transport. These include ticketing machines that accept contactless payments and personalised payment cards, as well as apps which can be used to plan your journey.