Our solutions

Make your workplace safer, more efficient and compliant with our COVID-19 solutions.

Become and stay compliant to local corona recommendations and mandates and create safer and comfortable workplaces for your employees or customers.


For offices, hospitals, clinics and manufacturing. 

Smart Access

Safe and secure working environments for customers and employees which integrates seamlessly into your existing (building) management systems.

For public transportation and transport operators.

Smart public transport

Smart solutions for Mobility as a Service (MAAS), Automated Fare Collection (AFC), cashless, ride sharing and booking in public transportation networks.

About Coseco

Coseco is a solutions provider based in Netherlands, with a long standing experience in delivering solutions for smart mobility, smart venues and smart offices. Over the years we have done projects and deployments in many countries in world, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Netherlands and others.

Always with quality proven disruptive hardware solutions from long standing partner factories with own developed software that will be integrated in large IT environments.

Automated fare collection in Nepal?, Development of checkers for transport fares in Netherlands?, collecting government taxes in Philippines NFC bracelets? Yes we did some groundbreaking things.

Curious what we can do for you, dont hesitate to ask.