Introducing the CO2 air monitor: How can we establish clean air?

Coseco is introducing a Co2 Air Monitor to focus on a new area of health and safety. With our other solutions we have presented focusing on crowd control and safety during this pandemic. We are now focusing on the safety of this crowd once inside a place of work, education or business. Knowing the Co2 content in your room can help with many things. High levels of Co2 can cause lack of concentration, lethargy, headaches and drowsiness. Knowing the quality of the air around helps give clarity on what could be effecting your work ethic. In no time you will know whether a window needs to be opened in these special times where ventilation is perhaps the second most important rule except 1.5 meters. Thanks to our infrared technology The measurements of the PPM are super accurate. With in no time you will know the exact statistic necessary. Our well thought out technology also provides a system that is quick to charge. The air monitor takes only three hours to be fully charged for a full day of monitoring. The Co2 monitor from Coseco is also easy to decipher and can be understood by anyone. The Meter gives exact readings of the HCHO, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity and the Co2 Present in any room you put it in. The Co2 Monitor also comes with an easy to read meter indicating wether your statistics are Good, Slight, moderate or serious.

We are excited to start distributing and working on this product with our customers. This Co2 meter can also easily be paired with our other existing products such as The bouncer and The hygiene coach. Read More about those products here: and visit our shop at