What will happen to the restaurant business with another lockdown looming?

The lockdown seems to be never ending, and an industry that has suffered greatly because of it is the Food serving industry. Restaurants are not able to open and cook for guests, pubs and bars are not able to serve drinks and many other food based industries are taking a massive hit. The question now is how can we make these workspaces can operate safely and can continue to earn income with out putting employees or guests at risk! There are many ways restaurants have already tried to salvage the business, by doing things such as putting screens in between all tables so that guests don’t come into contact with each other or making all employees wear masks. These things work, however it is hard to make sure everyone is staying with in the guidelines given.

But what are the guidelines? There is a lot of focus on door policy. For example the amount of customers able to come into an establishment at any given time. Or how healthy you are considered to be and if you have any symptoms. The rules and the amount of them can be extremely overwhelming.

However, this is where a new era of technology comes into place. At Coseco our goal is to make and distribute products that will help every business into their transition back to functioning businesses with a safe and happy customer base. For Example our Hygiene coach. The hygiene coach is a product that can help a business adhere to all regulations set in place. It measures the temperature of those who are wanting to enter the business, it also has a mask checking feature which it uses to check the placement of customers/employees masks and informs them when it is not place correctly on the face. Read more about this product here.

Coseco also offers a product by the name of The Bouncer. A product that eradicates the need to use an extra employee to count the amount of people that are allowed in your business at any given time. The Bouncer consists of cosecs own developed software, which the customer can easily adapt to their own needs. Choose any number of customers your business can hold, and the bouncer will use its traffic light system to advice customers when the business is full and when it is able to be entered. This System eradicates the extra cost of having an employee count each customer individually. Read more about this product here.

We also have multiple other products such as a Co2 Air quality Monitor and anything needed for the safety of your employees, customers and of course you. We know that the last couple of months have been extremely hard for the food service industry, and we will try with the help of our products and technology to help smoothen the transition back to serving your customers.