Forehead to elbow: Converting problems to solutions.

Coseco is focused on finding solutions, so when one of our costumers (Friesland Campina) came to us with a problem, we spent our time converting and re-evaluating to come up with a new solution. Coseco’s partnership with Friesland Campina started with the intention of adding Coseco’s hygiene coach around the entrances of the Friesland Campina’s office building. The job of the hygiene coach was to make sure the temperature of each employee is measured before they were able to enter the work space. Giving everyone peace of mind and a safe working environment. By June 2020, the entrances to Friesland campinas office buildings had been fit with the hygiene coach. 

However, around September 2020 employees started recognising an issue. With the company being based in the Netherlands, the likeliness of employee’s biking to work is extremely high; Meaning that around September time when people continued to cycle to work the device was unable to give a correct temperature measurement due to the how cold the forehead would get. Meaning that each of these employees had to acclimatise to the environment before being able to take their temperature. 

Coseco then had to come up with a solution. The solution we came up with was re-evaluating the original product and almost turning it upside-down, so that the device now focuses on taking the temperature of the employees elbow. 

Before the changes were made; On a cold day, around 20% to 30% of the employees had to acclimatise first before a correct measurement could be taken. After this change it was less than 5%.  The change also helped:

  1. Savings in costs, time and labour 
  2. An acclimatisation rate of less then 5% 
  3. A better accuracy in temperature measurements 
  4. An overall more efficient entering process. 
  5. Less contact between employees meaning a safer environment and process all round. 

Coseco is extremely happy with the outcome of this collaboration with Friesland Campina. To read a more in-depth account of this collaboration read the Friesland Campina Use case.