Make sure that your employees can work safely,

User friendly, flexible, personalised and integrated software, that is developed in house will provide a easy and fun entry, while compliant to all local regulations. Seamless integrated between device and your own mobile phone, all contactless, you never touch surfaces that can be contaminated. Dashboards for management can be accessed from anywhere on PC, Tablet or mobile.

The Hygiene coach

A complete solutions to comply to local regulations and provide conditional access to staff, employees and guests.

  • Check temperature
  • Check mask presence and application
  • Interview health questions (on device or continue on mobile)
  • Access control
  • Wash hands
  • Visitor sign terms of entry

Social distancing counters

Our innovative stand alone occupancy counters can be placed anywhere and count how many people are inside the manufacturing site. So you always comply with the social distance regualtions

Smart manufacturing sites

Comply with government regulations. 

  • Instruction video
  • Health check
  • Temperature check
  • Retrieve reservation
  • Social distancing
  • Companion device
  • Manage all devices
  • Temperature check
  • Access control

For indoor and outdoor manufacturing sites

Make your workplace safer and more efficient.

  • Guest registration
  • Questions
  • Temperature
  • Access control
  • Access control
  • Health check
  • Guest count
  • Occupancy
  • Distance
  • Visitor registration
  • Building management
  • Facility management

Want to know more?

The Coseco Hygiene coach:

Access control

Conditional access possible on gate.

Mask compliance check

Check the presence of a mouth mask and whether it is worn properly.

Health questions interview

Generate QR-code to continue on mobile and answer health questions, watch mandatory video.

Leave contact data

If required, fill in contact data on mobile phone, initiated by the hygiene coach

Wash hands

Allow all visitor to wash their hands with contactless dispensers

Integrate into Data and facility management solutions

Reports, privacy compliant, to improve covid-19 responses.

Temperature check

Anonymous detection of temperature, with or without a face mask – detects and provides an answer in less then 1 seconds

Visitor declare Software suite:

User friendly

Configurable, friendly voices and messages in your own language.

Leave contact data

Easy and on your own mobile, leave your contact data if required, Data will be safely stored and is accessible to the local government according local regulations, fully GDRP compliant.

Health questions interview

Ask your visitors mandatory questions, they can answer on their own mobile. No touching of same surfaces for all

Integration in management system

Our software is integrated into facility management solutions, Patient data solutions and device management solutions

Connect to your IT environment

Many customers have asked us to integrate the temperature or occupancy devices into their environments, our development teams in Netherlands, Singapore and Sri Lanka are ready to do this for you too.

Cloud based developments

From architecture to development, hosting and support, our development is ready for complex integrations such as datalakes, data analysis, interfacing, and maintenance solutions.

Visitor declare counter

What is it?

A stand alone “traffic light” that counts people going in and out of a venue. So social distancing and maximum venue capacities can be guaranteed. it can work over several entrances and has a dashboard capability.

Why do I need it?

Many retailers and restaurants are operating at limited capacity, at times with specific limits set by the state. Visitrack keeps track of traffic in and out of each location, providing visibility at a headquarters level as well as text alerts to designated store personnel. Exterior signage can help patrons know when it is safe, and unsafe, to enter.

01 Traffic light

From green to red if maximum capacity is reached

03 Networked

Multiple doors

05 Esthetic design

High quality steel post, in white, black or customized.

02 Stand alone

No need for difficult installation, just place in doorway and start it up

04 Super sensoring

With advanced technology we sense traffic going in or out the store on stand alone kiosk

How does our solutions apply to you?